Algeria has signed a $1.5 billion contract with RSK MiG to acquire 40 MiG-29SMT multirole fighters and place options on another 30, according to Russian press reports.

The deal is believed to have been partly negotiated during last August’s Moscow air show, with some of the payment expected to be offset against Russia’s foreign debt.

Algeria’s interest in buying new MiG-29s emerged almost two years ago, when it rejected an offer of Sukhoi Su-30MK fighters in favour of an RSK MiG package (Flight International, 16-22 March 2004). While the details of the order are unclear, it is believed to include aircraft similar in specification to the Russian air force’s MiG-29SMT and an export version supplied to Yemen last year.

Algeria’s current MiG-29s were acquired from Belarus and Ukraine.

Source: Flight International