David Learmount/RIO DE JANEIRO

AlliedSignal is working on an integrated navigation/hazard display which would be suitable for new aircraft types, such as Airbus Industrie's proposed A3XX ultra-large airliner.

The large liquid crystal display will combine the navigation display with all hazard information, without cluttering the picture. Although this information is already available, it is shown on separate displays. AlliedSignal's chief research fellow, Howard Glover, says the intention is to integrate into the ND all "external hazards" - terrain, weather phenomena and other traffic.

AlliedSignal "has designs in place" for the integrated display and is seeking a launch customer, which Glover says has to be an aircraft manufacturer working on a new type. Airbus is showing definite interest in the concept of a totally integrated display, he says.

To avoid clutter on a single screen displaying terrain and weather information, an automatic tilt in the display can be deployed which "just grazes" the terrain, says Howard. In addition, AlliedSignal is testing a wider range of colours, together with icons to represent various kinds of weather.

Because the displays will be bigger, vertical flight profiles relative to terrain can be shown at the base of the display, for use in climb or descent, and during procedural let-downs to compare the flight profile with the procedure, he adds.

Source: Flight International