Flight International online news 09:30GMT: Shareholders at America West Airlines yesterday overwhelmingly voted in favour of the carrier’s proposed merger with US Airways, paving the way for the two airlines to finalise the deal by the end of September.

America West says 85.2% of its Class B shareholders voted in favour of the merger, while 4.4% voted against and 10.4% abstained. The deal was unanimously approved by the carrier’s Class A shareholders, resulting in a combined shareholder vote of 95.5% in favor.

“Today’s results reflect overwhelming support for our proposed merger with US Airways, which will create a stronger airline that offers improved job stability for our employees, expanded service for our customers and a more long-term, viable investment for our stockholders,” says America West chief executive Doug Parker.

“With US Airways final bankruptcy court hearing scheduled for later this week, we anticipate closing our merger with US Airways at the end of September as previously scheduled.”

US Airways court hearing is scheduled to take place on September 15. The deal must also be approved by the US transportation department and the Securities and Exchange Commission before it can proceed.


Source: Flight International