American Airlines has partnered with charter helicopter operator US Helicopter to provide shuttle service from Wall Street in downtown New York City to the US major’s domestic terminal at John F Kennedy airport.

Flights are scheduled to begin on 13 March, when three Sikorsky S-76s are put into service. American says the charter operator, US Helicopter, plans to seat up to 12 passengers on each flight. A one way fare will cost travellers $159, excluding taxes and fees. Security screening and baggage check will be conducted at the Downtown Manhattan heliport at Wall Street.

Sikorsky S-76 US Helicopter W445

The flight takes about 8min, and lands airside at American’s domestic base at Terminal 9. American says a hourly service will be offered between 07:00 and 19:00. American would not discuss the partnership details between the airline and the charter operator, but does acknowledge that talks are ongoing to expand the service to an uptown heliport, which would serve New York’s two other major airports, LaGuardia and Newark.

The initial service will be offered to American’s corporate clients based in New York, the airline adds.

Source: Flight International