American Airlines is to combat mounting airport delays caused by congestion and bad weather by attempting to isolate its worst affected hub at Chicago O'Hare and rescheduling operations at Dallas Fort Worth.

From November the airline will eliminate one of its daily flight banks at Chicago by rescheduling frequencies. It will also eliminate multi-sector routes, such as the Washington DC extension to New York-Chicago. "We're flattening out the spikes in the day's schedule to give us a little bit more room to accommodate departures and arrivals," says American.

Chicago accounts for 342 of American's 2,400 daily departures, most of which are domestic narrowbody operations. At Dallas-Fort Worth, which handles 530 daily departures, a morning bank of flights will be eliminated, while connection times will be extended by restructuring schedules. Airbus and Boeing in 'aggressive' SIA fight

Source: Flight International