Teams from AMR Combs and Signature Flight Support have started talks on combining their fixed-base operation (FBO) chains after Signature parent company BBA Group completed its $170 million acquisition of the former AMR subsidiary.

A decision on how the combined chain will be branded is expected by the end of next month. Some decisions have been made as part of the deal BBA struck with the US Department of Justice to gain anti-trust approval for the deal.

Signature is to retain its FBO at Hartford, Connecticut, and sell the AMR Combs facility at that airport, but is to sell its FBO at Palm Springs, California, and provide services from the AMR Combs site there. These are locations where the two companies operate the only competing FBOs.

Signature is to complete construction of a new FBO and maintenance centre at Denver Centennial Airport in Colorado, operating from the former AMR Combs facility in the interim, then sell either the new FBO or the existing site. The company has, meanwhile, won the contest to build and operate an FBO on former military property at Chicago O'Hare International Airport.

Source: Flight International