This investigation was supposed to have been published about 1.5 years ago.

It's been slightly longer than three years since Boeing 787-8 launch customer All Nippon Airways launched revenue service with a charter flight from Tokyo-Narita to Hong Kong.

Flightglobal traditionally waits about 1.5 years to release a special report detailing what operators are thinking about a new aircraft. Eighteen months is usually long enough to be over normal teething problems, allowing operators a balanced perspective about their latest aircraft.

In the case of the 787-8, however, 18 months after entry into service was late April 2013, and the entire fleet was grounded while Boeing scrambled to come up with a redesigned installation for two lithium ion batteries.

LOT 787


So the 787-8 in-service report was pushed back another 18 months, allowing operators enough time to regain a balanced perspective on the experience.

Flightglobal dispatched five correspondents to visit operators on three different continents, including several of the earliest customers with the most experience operating the 787-8.

The 787-8's operators we interviewed are satisfied with the overall performance of the aircraft, while frustrated by lingering teething issues and sub-par reliability levels.

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