Antonov has revealed detailed information about its planned 99-seat An-148 derivative and data about additional variants.

The Ukrainian design bureau's An-158 is a stretch of the 85-seat An-148 regional jet, which will be able to seat 99 passengers in an all-economy configuration, says Antonov.

Incorporating two fuselage plugs, the new variant will have a maximum take-off weight of 43,700kg (96,300lb) and a maximum payload of 9.8t. Its cruise speed will be 430-470kt (800-870km/h) and it will be able to fly at 40,000ft (12,200m).

Details of the An-158, which is due to fly next year, emerged at Aviation Expo China 2009. Deputy chief designer Gennadiy Gabruk says the new variant will make extensive use of composite materials in areas such as the empennage, fin, horizontal stabiliser, slats, flaps, spoilers, the fairings around the high-mounted wing and the landing gear.

With a payload of 99 passengers, the An-158's fuel burn will be 1,800kg/h, giving the twinjet a range of 2,500km (1,350nm). The aircraft will require a take-off runway length of 1,900m when departing at its maximum weight, and a landing distance of 2,000m when arriving at maximum landing weight.

Antonov has also disclosed that the An-158 would have two cargo variants. The An-158T, which has a rear cargo door with ramp, will offer a maximum payload of up to 13.5t.

The An-158T-100, which Antonov calls a cargo multipurpose aircraft, will have a payload of up to 25t. The company also plans a business jet version, designated the An-168.

Source: Flight International