Air New Zealand (ANZ) is hoping to secure approval from the New Zealand civil aviation authority this year to allow its Airbus A320s to make approaches using required navigation performance (RNP) standards at Queenstown airport.


The carrier would be the first to conduct RNP approaches using the A320, says Airbus. The expected approval follows demonstration flights in June involving ANZ, Airbus and Seattle-based navigation company Naverus, at Queenstown airport, which is surrounded by high mountain ranges.

The airline is seeking to use RNP-based instrument approaches rather than visual approaches below the existing VOR/DME minima (3,000ft/900m above ground level). RNP approval would allow the carrier to operate into Queenstown down to significantly lower weather minima. Using the RNP 0.15 aircraft capability for which Airbus secured certification this year, and RNP RNAV procedures designed by Naverus, ANZ’s A320s will be able to land with minimum decision heights down to 270ft AGL, says Airbus.

Source: Flight International