Aerospace Products International (API) has been appointed the worldwide distributor for ConversionAir R134a kits. API plans to sell, market and distribute ConversionAir through its worldwide locations and international business partners. The kits were developed by Steinbach & Associates of Waco, Texas and, by exclusive agreement, are being marketed under the API brand name. They are designed to overcome the incompatibility of R134a Freon and aircraft cooling systems that use components originally designed for R12 now banned under US Federal law. While R134a is more environmentally friendly its larger molecular size has presented aircraft owners with problems.

KitsSteinbach & Associates, along with API, foresaw this need and engineered and certified a conversion kit applicable to a wide variety of piston and turbine engine aircraft. The list includes the Beech Baron, Bonanza, 1900, Duke, and King Air series; the Cessna 300 & 400 series; the Piper Cheyenne, Navajo, Malibu, and Saratogo; and Lear aircraft. Additional kits are continuing to be developed for aircraft such as the Saab 340 and the ATR 42 and 72.Installation time of ConservationAir kit is approximately 20-40 man-hours and, once complete, the aircraft¹s cooling system capability meets or exceeds the original manufacturer¹s specifications. The kit consists of new components and includes hoses, a compressor and expansion valves, as well as a receiver-dryer and all seals.

Source: Flight Daily News