Aeroflot Russian International Airlines (ARIA)has been included in a list of companies to be privatised at public auctions in 1998. Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow's main international gateway, is also included among the candidates.

Maxim Boiko, who heads Russia's committee for state property, says that the list has been submitted for approval to the Russian parliament. It includes 37 companies with share capital worth 30 trillion roubles ($5 billion).

The privatisation list centres on companies in the lucrative gas, oil and communications industries, which are likely to be attractive to investors. It is envisaged that 51%of ARIA will be put up for sale, while Sheremetyevo is expected to be divided between a state-owned authority controlling runway and infrastructure, and a publically-owned airport services provider. A similar arrangement has already been used at domestic hub Domodedovo.

Source: Flight International