Arianespace successfully launched flight V131 using an Ariane 44LP booster from Kourou on 17 August, carrying the 1,748kg (3,850lb) Hughes-built Brasilsat B4 and Astrium-built Nilesat 102, weighing 1,800kg, into initial transfer orbit.

The launch was the fifth Ariane mission this year and the 55th consecutive successful flight of an Ariane 4.

Arianespace has an orderbook of 38 satellites to be launched, worth $3.2 billion.

The next Arianespace mission will be flown by another Ariane 4, flight V132, carrying Eutelsat W1 on 6 September.

This will be followed by the delayed V130 mission of an Ariane 5 scheduled for launch on 14 September, carrying the Astra 2B and GE-7 satellites.

Source: Flight International