Budgie News: "On tunnels and caves, does the United States have the kind of embedded capability that it developed during World War II, during Vietnam, to specialise in going into tunnels, caves, analysing it, fighting in it? Do we have that special capability any more in the ranks?"

Gen Strike: "Our specialized approach to caves and tunnels is to put 500lb bombs in the entrance."

Deputy Defense Secretary Wolfowitz, (talking about the "extraordinary men on the ground" in the campaign): "I think the Secretary has shown you the picture of the man on horseback that has helped to guide our enemy, I mean guide our bombers to enemy targets. And it is truly transformational to have cavalry that are able to call in long range air strikes. It is, I think, the kind of thing that has given huge leverage in this campaign."

B/E Aerospace asked its employees to come up with suggested names for its new armoured cockpit door concept. One of the best: BIN-LOCKED OUT.

Source: Flight International