ATLANTISAEROSPACE has launched a troubleshooting tool to help solve elusive problems with complex aircraft systems. The first application of the Canadian company's SpotLight system is to help Bombardier with problems on the Canadair Regional Jet's (CRJ) flight controls, landing gear, doors and ice- and rain-protection systems.

Brampton, Ontario-based Atlantis says that the system is designed to help solve infrequent problems which typically cause a disproportionate amount of unplanned downtime. The SpotLight system uses "case-based reasoning" to guide the operator to solutions previously used successfully to resolve similar problems.

The system searches a database of previously solved problems and their solutions, which are stored as "cases" describing the symptoms, causes and repairs. The operator is questioned about the symptoms to differentiate among possible cases.

The system entered service with Bombardier's action centre in March, after a database of some 350 cases had been compiled for the Regional Jet. Each case took 1-5h to create, says Atlantis. Once the system is operational, it automatically gathers data for new cases.

Atlantis describes the SpotLight system as a memory aid which tells technicians if a problem similar to the one they are facing has already been solved. Bombardier uses the system to help technicians handle service calls and says that its application is focused on the Regional Jet systems, "-which account for the highest frequency of 'phone calls to our action centre".

Coltec Aerospace is to supply primary flight controls for the Canadair Regional Jet Series 700. It already provides controls for the Regional Jet Series 100 and 200.

Source: Flight International