ATR has reported a total of 80 firm sales last year, doubling its 2009 tally when it announced 40 sales.

The manufacturer sold 42 aircraft in 2008.

In 2010, the European turboprop manufacturer sold 75 ATR 72s and five ATR42s.

Among the ATR72 sales, 36 were for the -500 model while another 39 were for the -600 model. ATR also sold five ATR42-500s during the year.

ATR announced 33 options last year, compared with 17 in 2009 and 14 in 2008.‬

In 2010, ATR delivered three ATR42-500s to customers and 48 ATR72-500s. During the year, it also sold 29 second hand aircraft.

ATR's backlog at the end 2010 stood at 159 aircraft compared with 136 aircraft at the end of 2009.

The backlog comprises five ATR 42-600s, 43 ATR 72-600s, four ATR 42-500s and 107 ATR 72-500s.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news