A system that allows dissemination of real-time video and metadata to networked battlefield users is being presented by Elisra.

The Israeli company is showing its new lightweight Multi V-Star. This system boasts a number of significant, real-time target acquisition and intelligence capabilities, including simultaneous situational awareness, delivered from two UAS platforms.

"This is an important step forward in advanced modular intelligence systems," says Elisra's chief executive, Itzhak Gat. "The real-battlefield implications of the advantages are enormous."

Multi V-Star has been designed from the ground up to provide battlefield operators with an intuitive situational awareness picture, by manipulating digital maps, tactical overlays, and real-time video streams from multiple UAS airborne sensors.

The system is capable of simultaneously handling dual day/night video electro-optical sensor support, and it has automatic map registration, dual targeting surveillance, and dual recording while engaging two UAS platforms.

With the support of two datalinks, Multi V-Star can receive transmission (dual frequency analog and/or digital datalink) from two different types of UAS sources, simultaneously. Unlike other systems, Multi V-Star receives video and telemetry, and then correlates the video information with the local GIS map and 3D terrain information.

The system's ability to locate the video on the map affords the creation of real targets in real time. This system enables field users to produce local targets and intelligence at the tactical level.

Source: Flight Daily News