FreeWave Technologies has announced additions to its MM2 family of high-performance, tiny-form factor radios, the MM2-M13 and the MM2-MU. The Colorado company has also introduced faster TTL and Ethernet interfaces for the range.

The MM2-M13 operates in the 1.3 GHz band and the MM2-MU operates in the UHF band. They complement FreeWave's earlier MM2 family of products that operate in the 900 MHz band with both serial and Ethernet interfaces.

The MM2-MU and MM2-M13 offer government and military manufacturers the ability to tap the MM2's tiny footprint and high performance for space and weight critical applications, such as sensors, unmanned air vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles.

"Size really does matter," says product manager Harold Christopher. "Communication components need to retain their performance but also get smaller. Creating a small wireless communications device has its own challenges. There are now tiny wireless embedded radios that fit these needs as small as a 1.4 x 2.0 in package - basically, the size of a quarter. These smaller embedded radios maintain the same features, performance and functionality of full-sized radios but at a fraction of the size and weight of traditional radio systems."

Because the radios are backward-compatible, Freewave's customers can replace their existing radios with a much smaller footprint in unmanned vehicles together with a standard size or enclosed radio at the base station or use the same base station with new UAVs.

The entire family of MM2 radios will be on display at the FreeWave's booth where the company will also be demonstrating the new MM2-HS-T (TTL interface) and MM2-HS-P (Ethernet interface). These add high-speed capability and greater throughput and are capable of an over-the-air speed of 1.23Mbps, allowing users to send significantly more data in a shorter period of time, including video.

Source: Flight Daily News