MBDA is advancing flight trials involving its Saber glide weapon, which the company is touting for possible integration with small and medium UAV platforms.

With a launch weight of 5.9kg (13lb), the Diamond Back wingkit-equipped bomb carries a blast/fragmentation warhead and provides a 360° attack capability, MBDA says. It could be used to arm systems such as the AAI RQ-7 Shadow flown by the US Army and US Marine Corps, the company believes.

"We are going to continue testing with a semi-active laser-guided drop in the near future," says Doug Denneny, vice president, business development. This will follow a release test performed from a manned helicopter in May, he adds. The company has self-funded development activities linked to the new design for around the last two years, with the product to offer a lighter-weight complement to its 19kg Viper-E precision-strike weapon.

Also on display on the company's exhibit is a model of MBDA's dual-mode seeker Brimstone air-to surface missile. Carried on a three-round launcher, the weapon is expected to be integrated with the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Reaper for the UK Royal Air Force. The US Air Force also has shown interest in design's capability to hit high-speed moving ground targets.

Source: Flight Daily News