British Aerospace Asset Management - Turboprops (AMT) is targeting Aerolitoral, a Mexican-based regional operator, as the next major Latin American customer for Jetstream J32EPs coming off lease from airlines in the USA.

The move, which the airframe manufacturer hopes could result in up to 26 Jetstreams replacing the airline's Metro 23 fleet, is seen as the next step towards a major expansion for BAe AMT into Central America and the Caribbean. "We are going to be everywhere where there are islands," says BAe Asset Management sales director David Norgart.

Other potential Jetstream operators are waiting to see "proof of operations" with Aerocaribe, a Cancun-based Mexican airline, which will take its fifth J32EP in March. "It is a premier regional airline, and everyone is waiting to see how it goes with the aircraft," says Norgart. "Tourism is going nuts in Mexico, the roads are poor, and yields are fairly low. So that makes the Jetstream, and particularly the 32EP, a good fit," he adds.

Aerocaribe, which is replacing Fairchild FH-227s with the J32EPs, is part of the Cintra group.

Meanwhile, Argentinian start-up carrier AeroVIP and compatriot operator, LAER of Parana, Entre Rios, plan to extend Jetstream operations. AeroVIP, based at Cordoba, will launch flights on 15 March with three leased J32EPs. A fourth is due to follow within a few months.

Source: Flight International