BAE Systems has been awarded a contract worth about £150 million ($221 million) to provide avionics support services for Eurofighter operators Germany, Spain and the UK.

Placed as a five-year deal by the Eurofighter industry consortium, the contract will incentivise BAE to improve the reliability of key equipment, and to reduce the volume of repairs needed. It will work in combination with seven other suppliers under the terms of the contract.

 RAF Typhoon - Eurofighter
© Eurofighter

"This contract award demonstrates BAE Systems' commitment to the reduction in the through-life support costs for the Typhoon fleet, which was a key requirement of the Tranche 3A contract award last year," says Chris Boardman, the company's managing director of Typhoon mission support and international programmes.

"Our customers will benefit from improved reliability and a reduction in support costs, allowing them to deliver a more efficient and cost-effective frontline capability," he adds.

Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK late last year agreed to the Tranche 3A production of 112 Eurofighters for around €9 billion ($11.3 billion), and are still agreeing the final configuration for their aircraft.

BAE's provision of services for the international Typhoon fleet already includes maintaining those aircraft flown by the UK Royal Air Force and maintaining some radar and defensive aids subsystem equipment for Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. The company is also now delivering pilot and maintenance training services to Saudi Arabia, which has ordered 72 Typhoons.

Source: Flight International