An Air France B747-200 combi is to be converted into Special Freighter configuration by the Bedek Aviation Group of Israel Aircraft Industries. It will be the third Air France B747-200 to be converted using Bedek's FAA-approved STC, as well as the company's conversion kit, drawings and tooling. As with the first two aircraft, the conversion work will be carried out by Air France personnel with Bedek supervisors on site. Bedek freighter conversions during 2000 included aircraft for Gecas, Finova and Triton. In the first quarter of 2001, Bedek converted aircraft for Atlas and Triton. Bedek has also taken delivery from Boeing of the first of up to 175 B757 passenger aircraft for full freighter conversion. Boeing selected Bedek as a team member to jointly develop the STC and to perform up to 50% of the estimated 350 potential conversions of the type. The initial $40 million contract with Boeing calls for 20 aircraft to be converted over the next three years. In other agreements, Bedek and Airborne Express have extended their multi-year contract for B767 conversions to 11 aircraft in a deal worth about $50 million. To date, four have been delivered.

Source: Flight Daily News