Bharat Electronics last week became the first defence-related company to gain ‘Miniratna category one' recognition from the government of India.

The recognition transforms Bharat into an autonomous company.

"Our decision-making is no longer dependent on the government," says H P Srinivas Rao, deputy manager of international marketing. "We have the autonomy to establish new joint ventures, find new export business, anything to do with our business."

Bharat Electronics (Hall C/330) gained the recognition because of its financial performance Ð it has made a profit for three straight years Ð and its product performance. Bharat operates ISO 9001/9002-certificated factories in nine locations in India, and builds an array of products including a comprehensive range of radars and sonars, defence communications equipment, and electronic components.

"Our specialty is defence electronics, which we can design and manufacture," says Rao. "

At Asian Aerospace Bharat Electronics will be talking primarily to companies from key export markets, which include Israel, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, and the US.

Source: Flight Daily News