Russian investigators have extracted conversation data from the cockpit-voice recorder recovered from a crashed Boeing 747-400F in Bishkek.

The Interstate Aviation Committee, which had to repair interfaces in order to download the information, says it has obtained data up to the point of impact with the ground.

It adds that the quality of the cockpit recording is “good”.

Specialists have started work to transcribe and interpret communications of the crew, and are continuing to analyse information previously taken from the flight-data recorder.

Kyrgyzstan’s government puts the fatality figure from the 16 January accident at 39, including the four crew members of the ACT Airlines-operated jet, when it came down west of Manas airport.

Investigators are continuing work at the crash site, says the Interstate Aviation Committee, constructing diagrams and collecting fragments of the wreckage.

It adds that the inquiry commission is reviewing radar data and communications with air traffic control, as well as meteorological information.

Source: Cirium Dashboard