Prague airport’s operator has confirmed that a Boeing 737 was damaged during a hangar fire on 9 June.

The operator’s spokeswoman says that the fire in hangar F triggered an electronic alarm at 19:27 and that the fire was “completely extinguished” by 19:38.

She says the airport’s fire brigade dealt with the fire and that the cause of the blaze is subject to an investigation. There were no serious injuries to personnel.

“The extent of the fire was not large,” she says. “The integrated rescue system was not even activated.”

But she says that a 737 was “partly damaged” in the incident, although she cannot confirm the operator.

“It is currently too soon to reach any conclusions,” she adds. “The damages will be [determined] by the hangar operator together with the owner of the affected aircraft.”

Sources close to the situation have told Flightglobal that the jet is registered OO-JJI and operated by Congolese carrier ECAir.

Source: Cirium Dashboard