Boeing could decide the future of the 767 programme this year, but denies reports that it has already decided to close the line in Everett, Washington.

The US manufacturer says “nothing has changed” to alter its previous position that last year’s stay of execution continues to be extended as orders continue to come in. “We are still selling 767s and still building them,” says Boeing, which logged a new order for a 767-300ER over the last month, and now lists 30 aircraft in the firm backlog.

Part of the type’s mini-revival is linked to the capacity shortage of some airlines that are lined up as customers for the 787-3/8, while the freighter also accounts for almost 25% of the backlog.

“It is possible we could make a decision [on closing the line] later this year,” says Boeing. A key factor in the future of the model continues to be the long-running saga of the tanker requirement for the US Air Force. The 767 is still potentially in the frame for the revived USAF contest, although it will not be known to what extent it remains a realistic contender until the details of the forthcoming USAF tanker requirement are revealed. In the meantime 767 deliveries are set to continue through 2008.


Source: Flight International