AIRBUS and Boeing have both signed deals extending their co-operations with the Russian aviation sector.

The European consortium's agreement with the Russian Ministry of Economics covers a range of joint projects in the fields of certification, research and development and production, including assistance with European Joint Aviation Authorities certification of the Tupolev Tu-204.

Russian industry has also decided to form a single management organisation to interface with Airbus over co-operation on the A3XX programme. The agreement offers an increasing supply of Russian materials and alloys to Airbus and subcontract work.

Boeing has signed a letter of intent with Russia's Federal Aviation Service (FAS) covering a range of flight-safety and air-traffic-control issues. Among the points covered are training of FAS inspectors on Boeing maintenance procedures. Another major item is undertaking feasibility studies to open trans-polar routes, including those from the USA to South-East Asia via Russia.

Source: Flight International