Sikorsky Aircraft Corp is teaming with Boeing on the US Army Aviation Applied Technology Directorate's Joint Multi-Role (JMR) technology demonstrator (TD) phase one programme.

The JMR TD is part of the US Department of Defense's plan to develop a future vertical lift (FVL) next-generation rotorcraft that offers greater performance, reliability and affordability than today's machines.

"The Sikorsky and Boeing team brings together exceptional technical expertise," says Mick Maurer, Sikorsky's president. Chris Chadwick, president of Boeing's military aircraft division, adds, "Our combined technical strengths and our collective program management expertise make this partnership an exciting development in meeting the army's JMR program objectives."

The Sikorsky and Boeing team will compete to build and fly one or more medium-lift-sized demonstrator aircraft in 2017, which will be evaluated by the army for to be developed into the FVL.

Source: Flight International