Boeing has completed the power-on milestone for the first 737 Max 8 as the re-engined and updated single-aisle aircraft is pieced together on a new assembly line in Renton, Washington.

The power-on milestone activated a modernised cockpit featuring four 787-style multi-function displays supplied by Rockwell Collins.

The 737 Max electrical s system was adapted to support the improved cockpit systems, as well as the addition of electronically-controlled spoilers.

737 Max 640

Boeing plans to roll the first 737 Max 8 powered by CFM Intenrational Leap-1B engines off the Renton assembly line by the end of the year, with first flight scheduled early next year.

A photo of the first aircraft on the line reveals much progress since the first 737 Max fuselage arrived in Renton in August.

737 Max 8 final assembly

The aircraft is installed in the first position of a newly-created, third assembly line dedicated for 737 Max flight test aircraft. The line will be repurposes after the flight test aircraft are completed to support Boeing’s plan ramp up 737 production from 42 currently to 47 in 2017 and 52 in 2018.

The first 737 Max 8 is shown in the picture with wings mated to the fuselage. A tail cone is visible in the picture, but not installed. But neither the engines or empennage – including horizontal and vertical stabilisers – are visible in the picture. It’s also not clear from the picture whether landing gear is installed.

Images courtesy of Boeing

Source: Cirium Dashboard