Boeing has developed a software tool to help airlines quickly perform maintenance troubleshooting for the operators of Fokker F27s, F28s and 100s. It has signed a deal with Fokker Services to adapt its Portable Maintenance Aid (PMA) software application for use by maintenance and engineering staffs supporting Fokker aircraft.

Boeing developed PMA software in the mid-1990s and began marketing it three years ago to Boeing and Douglas operators. It is a digitised library of key technical information contained in several compact discs. These can be loaded into a mechanic¹s laptop computer and taken directly to an aircraft in need of servicing.

Boeing estimates PMA software reduces the time it takes to search and retrieve information by as much as 40% compared with using paper or microfilm-based reference systems. In addition, by presenting the user with the exact information needed to address specific tasks, PMA software reduces guesswork and enhances the safety and efficiency of the entire maintenance process, said Boeing.

Source: Flight Daily News