Boeing has revealed more details about its selection of the CTT Systems-developed zonal drying system for the 787, explaining that “there’s still quite a bit of metal in the aircraft despite the all-composite primary structure”.

Aircraft residual value is likely to be extended on the 787 due to reduced corrosion, and the system is expected to lower fuel consumption and maintain a consistent insulation performance. Boeing says “humidity, when it condenses, also adds weight. So it is in everybody’s interest to reduce that.”

The system, developed by Nykoping, Sweden-based CTT, will be baseline equipment on all 787s with optional humidifiers offered for flightdeck and crew rest areas, and is designed to maintain a consistent relative humidity level between 10% and 15%, compared with average levels of 3-12% on today’s aircraft, it adds. “The new system means the level will be consistent on the 787 whether there are two passengers or 200,” says Boeing. Humidity levels will therefore be directly controllable, irrespective of passenger numbers.

Source: Flight International