Boeing may have "filled out the family in terms of derivatives models" for the 777, but it is far from finished trying to improve the aircraft, says Lars Andersen, 777 programme manager.

"Our next focus is to look at how to the keep the aircraft fresh in terms of technology and capability."

This means seeing whether any of the features and technologies being developed for the mid-sized 787 Dreamliner could be applied to the 777.

"We are in the process of reviewing those technologies and additional capability going into the 787 and how and when to refresh the aircraft so it will continue to be a good partner with the 787," says Andersen. "There's a long list of things we are looking at right now."

A business case will be created for each technology to decide which ones will work on the 777.

But Boeing is in no rush. "We are looking at five years out and asking what would be our vision for how that aircraft looks sitting next to a 787," he says.

Source: Flight Daily News