Brunei considers BAE Hawk 128 W250

Brunei plans to test fly BAE systems' Hawk 128 at Asian Aerospace
Brunei is again looking at introducing a light combat capability, with several aircraft, including the new BAE Systems Hawk 128, under consideration.

Industry sources say Brunei, which came close to acquiring the Hawk 100/200 in the mid 1990s, plans to test fly the Hawk 128 this week during Asian Aerospace. Sources say the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) has also begun discussions with Saab about the Gripen and with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) over the T-50.

The RBAF first unveiled plans over a decade ago to build up an attack aircraft capability. Four Pilatus PC-7 trainers were acquired as a first step and in 1996 Brunei indicated it would acquire six Hawk 100 advanced trainers and four Hawk 200 light attack aircraft. The deal was never completed, but BAE, which has a strong presence in Brunei through its sale of frigates, has remained engaged and now believes the Hawk 128 could meet its requirement for an air wing if funding is secured.

Saab has brought a mock-up of the Gripen to Asian Aerospace.

Source: Flight International