Morocco's Marrakech Menara airport will have a dedicated business aviation building up and running in 2009, airport director Anass Lahkim says. The airport is aiming to attract business aviation companies - none of which currently have facilities at the airport - to set up there. Lahkim says the project is "being studied" and the details will be firmed up next year, with the building also operational in 2009.

Business aviation aircraft will continue to use the same runway, but have an independent building and security processes. "It's a buoyant market," Lahkim says, adding that most business aviation aircraft using the airport today are flying to or from Europe.

Royal Aviation has opened Kuwait's first private fixed-based operation airport terminal at Kuwait International airport to exploit burgeoning demand for business aviation in the Middle East. The general aviation building cost around 15 million Kuwaiti dinars ($57 million) to construct and is designed to house up to 20 aircraft. It will provide services for executive aircraft and air ambulances, says Royal Aviation.