UK helicopter charter and management company PremiAir is preparing to open in the second quarter a new terminal building at London's only commercial heliport. The old terminal will be demolished to make way for additional apron space, which will increase helicopter parking capacity and with it the ability of the heliport to handle increased movements at peak times. PremiAir and the heliport are owned by the luxury hotel group von Essen for which it manages a fleet of helicopters and business jets as well as the heliport.


Cessna has completed the acquisition of fractional ownership, charter and management company CitationAir. The Greenwich, Connecticut-based company, originally branded CitationShares, began in 2000 as a 50:50 joint venture between Cessna and business aviation services company TAG Aviation. Cessna has gradually increased its share of company over the past decade and has bought TAG's remaining 8% stake.


Dassault says that more than 80 Falcon 7X pilots have completed the dedicated flight training required to operate at London City airport. The pilots have qualified 12 months after the long-range aircraft received European approval for London City flights. The trijet was awarded US steep approach certification in August last year.

Source: Flight International