AVIC has displayed model of a prospective private jet programme designated CBJ-800.

At the AVIC display area, a cutaway model of the jet depicts a twin-engined aircraft with seven seats in a forward cabin, and four seats in a rear stateroom. There are lavatories fore and aft, as well as galley and crew seat. AVIC envisages a cabin 1.9m high, allowing most people enough room to stand upright.

Company management is still considering whether to move forward with the project. One challenge is China's political climate, which frowns upon displays of wealth deemed ostentatious amid a widespread anti-corruption drive. Moreover, China's economy is slowing, which has depressed demand for private jets.


Avic CBJ-800 private jet

Greg Waldron

The company has held discussions with both General Electric and Rolls-Royce for the powerplant. The CBJ-800 would be developed with full digital fly-by-wire flight controls, and advanced avionics.

Maximum speed is envisaged as 0.85 Mach with a range of 8050km. Maximum payload would be 2,200kg.

Comac has also proposed a private jet variant of its ARJ21 regional aircraft, but delays with this programme have obliged it to focus on the primary commercial variant.

Source: FlightGlobal.com