Dassault has unveiled a virtual reality tool designed to help train engineers for its Falcon business jet family.

The system allows an instructor to guide students wearing 3D goggles around the interior of a business aircraft, where they can examine and interact with all facets of the aircraft.

There are numerous options that can be activated by hand motions, for example making everything disappear except an aircraft’s wire harness. Students can perform tasks that would be impossible, or very difficult, in real life, such pushing their head through the underside of a virtual wing to examine its interior structure.

“We can have up to 11 people in each course, one instructor and 10 trainees, and it can be a bit time-consuming waiting to take turns to go inside the mechanical bays and other tight spaces on the real aircraft,” says Jacques Chauvet, senior vice president worldwide customer service at Dassault Aviation.

“With our immersive training tool, trainees simply put on their headsets and find themselves in the same virtual spot, even in tight spaces, with a perfect view of what the instructor is doing.”

This year also so the first appearance of the company's Falcon 8X at the show.

Source: FlightGlobal.com