Bombardier has introduced a combined Rockwell Collins head-up display and enhanced vision system (EVS) as a factory option on new Challenger 350 super-midsize business jets, with the modification also available as a retrofit item for in-service examples.

The combined HUD/EVS is designed, says the Canadian airframer, to "further expand the avionics functionalities" of the Pro Line 21-equipped aircraft – which comes with a synthetic vision system as standard – and enhance the pilot's situational awareness.

Challenger 350


The HUD enables Challenger 350 pilots to fly eyes-forward in all phases of flight, most crucially during take-off and landing, Bombardier adds. For situational awareness in all flight conditions, the EVS camera will transmit live infrared imagery from outside the aircraft to the HUD, revealing runway lighting, surrounding terrain, and possible obstacles on the runway.

Flight Fleets Analyzer records a global fleet of 245 Challenger 350s, which entered service in 2014 as the second iteration of the Challenger 300. The retrofit is not available "for the time being" on the 450 examples of the first-generation model, the manufacturer says.

Source: Flight International