Daher has unveiled the next iteration of the TBM 900, some 28 years since the first generation of the high-speed aircraft series, the TBM 700, entered production.

The TBM 940 replaces the flagship 930 – introduced in 2016 – and incorporates a host of new features including an autothrottle, increased automation for the de-icing system and a redesigned interior.

"This newest TBM family member underscores our firm commitment to constant improvement for the ownership and operational experience with our very fast turboprop aircraft," notes Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice-president for Daher's airplane business unit.

TBM 940


The French airframer says the TBM 940's autothrottle is the first to be installed on a single-engined turboprop weighing less than 5,675kg (12,500lb) and is designed to adjust the aircraft's speeds based on the preset flight profile. The autothrottle also allows the $4.13 million model to be operated at the edge of approved power regimes for the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-66D.

The TBM 940 also gains more automation on the de-icing system, which is automatically activated when icing or ice accumulation is detected, and the pilot does not take action.

The cabin, meanwhile, has been upgraded with redesigned seats, additional thermal insulation in the side walls, a central shelf with side storage, an extra 115V electric outlet at the right rear seat panel, and a USB port bringing the total to six passenger and three pilot ports.

tbm autothrottle


The TBM 940 will sit above the $3.9 million TBM 910 – introduced in 2017 as the baseline model – and is scheduled to receive US and European certification at the Aero Friedrichshafen show in Germany in April.

The TBM 700 was the first series-produced pressurised, single-engined aircraft to be certificated, Daher says, entering full production in 1991. By the time the upgraded and re-engined TBM 850 replaced this version in 2005, more than 320 had been delivered to customers worldwide.

After a production run of nearly 340 units, the TBM 850 was superseded by the TBM 900 in March 2014.

Cirium's Fleets Analyzer records a global in-service fleet of nearly 300 TBM 900/910/930s.

Source: Flight International