Deliveries of Falcon business jets slid in 2018 to 41 units, compared with 49 the previous year, but Dassault says output was in line with its forecast for the period.

Net orders climbed by four aircraft for the year ended 31 December, to 42 Falcons, with intake showing “a good balance” between its five high-end models – 7X and 8X trijets, twin-engined 2000LXS, 900LX and in-development 6X.

The super-wide-cabin 6X was launched in February 2018 as a replacement to the 5X programme, which Dassault axed two months earlier, due to recurrent technical issues with the jet's Safran Silvercest engines.



The final 5X order cancellation was recorded last year, and the French airframer says some “loyal” customers have transferred their commitment to the larger and longer-range 6X.

However, there will be a wait for the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW812D-powered aircraft: first flight is scheduled for 2021, with type certification and service entry expected the following year.

Dassault ended 2018 with a backlog of 53 Falcons - one higher than the previous December.

Source: Flight International