Embraer’s bespoke enhanced vision system (EVS) for the Legacy 450 and 500 business jets has secured certification from the USA, Europe and Brazil.

E2VS – which combines a head-up display (HUD) and an EVS – is designed, Embraer says, to raise situational awareness in all phases of flight and enhance safety and dispatch reliability in poor visibility.

Legacy 500


“The Legacy 450 and 500 are the first aircraft to set this new standard of operational performance in the midsize segment,” Embraer Executive Jets chief executive Marco Tulio Pellegrini says. “Combined with these aircraft’s fly-by-wire technology, the Embraer enhanced vision system delivers innovation previously available only in much larger business aircraft.” A notable example is the ultra-long-range Gulfstream G650/ER.

E2VS is comprised of a Rockwell Collins HGS-3500 HUD and an externally mounted, three-camera EVS: the same supplier’s EVS-3000.

Embraer says the system “delivers high-fidelity detection, including ground-based LED lights, allowing operators to make approved approaches at airports around the world and use lower approach minimums.”

The E2VS is available as a $515,000 option on the superlight and midsize models, with the first fully equipped aircraft, a Legacy 500, scheduled for delivery this month. The system can also be installed as a retrofit on Legacy business jets, for which Flight Fleets Analyzer records a global fleet of more than 40 aircraft.

Source: Flight International