Business jet MRO and cabin firm Flying Colours says that it has enjoyed strong business growth at its Seletar Airport service centre in Singapore.

The company says that following its opening in 2014, it has enjoyed 40% annual growth, and now has 18 employees at the centre.

In the last 12 months, Flying Colours has worked on over 50 interiors at the centre. The majority of the work involves the repair and refurbishment of soft furnishings and cabinets.

“We are excited by this year’s progress,” says Eric Gillespie, vice-president of Flying Colours.

“The facility has been extremely busy since we launched, and we’ve seen a notable increase in demand and requests over the last twelve months. Indications are that this will continue into the future too. We’ve also added, and are training, four new team members, bringing our total workforce to 18, to ensure we maintain the required capacity and standards.”

The facility’s customers are a mix of operators, private individuals, and corporates.

“The market is getting more sophisticated and savvy aircraft owners, and buyers, are realising that refurbishment and overhaul can be a good choice for their needs,” says Gillespie.

The 1,100sqm space is co-located with Bombardier’s hangar in the park. It allows Bombardier operators the option to conduct cabin repair and reconditioning work in region, as opposed to ferrying jets back to its Canada facility.

In addition to Flying Colours’ work in Singapore, its North American operation has overhauled five business jets for the region.

These include two converted Bombardier CRJ200s used by Malaysian casino operator Resorts World, and two aircraft operated by Chinese firm Sparkle Roll.

In 2014, Flying Colours entered a deal with its Chinese joint venture partner, Sparkle Roll Jet, to refurbish eight CRJ200 regional jets into two interior configurations, The first three have a 29-seat, multi-class format, the last five will have a full, Challenger 850 VIP configuration.