Gulfstream has handed over a G550 to a Chinese operator with a bespoke medical evacuation interior which the airframer claims "will revolutionise in-flight medical care".

"This aircraft showcases the art of the possible," says Gulfstream president Mark Burns. "When you combine innovation, talent, commitment and expertise, you can transform an industry.

"With this aircraft – and our collaboration with the Beijing Red Cross Emergency Medical Center – we have done exactly that. This modified G550 will change – and save – lives, forever altering the expectations for medevac support."

Dating from a March 2017 order, the modified G550 was handed over to the operator during a delivery ceremony at the manufacturer's Savannah, Georgia headquarters.

To be used for disaster relief and air rescue operations, the twinjet features a number of innovations in the passenger cabin, including 360° in-flight patient access, advanced life-support capabilities and refrigerated storage cabinets.

Beijing Red Cross Emergency Medical Center is now interested in acquiring a top-of-the-range G650ER to perform similar missions.

"With the G650ER's speed and range, medical care will arrive faster," Burns says.