HAECO Private Jet Solutions (HAECO PJS) has entered into an agreement with Comac to provide initial design work related to VIP interiors for the ARJ21 aircraft.

The work will involve providing Comac with industrial design services and concept drawings, says HAECO in a statement.

The designs will focus on corporate, private, and government use of the ARJ21.

“HAECO PJS is honoured to have been selected by Comac to provide cabin industrial design services on the ARJ21 platform, and we look forward to further co-operation on cabin completion and other services for its current and future aircraft platforms,” says Summit Chan, chief executive of HAECO Xiamen.

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that there are two ARJ21s in service with Chengdu Airlines. There are also 179 orders, mainly from Chinese airlines and lessors.

Comac also has four commitments for ARJ21s equipped for use as business jets.

The government for Congo has a firm order for a single ARJ21 in a VIP configuration, with the build year listed as 2023.

The Nanshan Group has letters of intent for two VIP ARJ21s, while Yan Shang Corporation has a letter of intent for one.

Source: FlightGlobal.com