Aerospace engineering company MSB Design is spotlighting a newly designed crystal rack that uses individual lights to separately illuminate glassware on Gulfstream G500s and G600s

MSB director of business development Shannon Gill says the product marks an evolution away from earlier-generation lighted glass racks that use ambient light from light bars.

The company has embedded light-emitting diode (LED) lights into the aerospace-grade polycarbonate rack, with a light positioned under each pieces of glassware, shining up. The lights illuminate through the glass and "light up the crystal and make a real showcase", Gill says.

The product is fitted on Gulfstream's new large-cabin G500 and G600 business jets. The G500 is scheduled for certification later this year, with the G600 project progressing about one year behind, according to Gulfstream.

Montreal-based MSB is also calling attention to other products, including a hi-low conference table that has a built-in monitor and the capability to provide wireless charging of electronic devices, Gill says.

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Source: Flight Daily News