The new president of Raisbeck Engineering sees big opportunity in the business of modifying Beechcraft King Airs.

"Our message is, we take a really good airplane and make it better," says Lynn Thomas, who took over as president of the Seattle-based company earlier this year.

Raisbeck's business consists of providing performance enhancements to aircraft, particularly the King Air.

The company's modifications include equipping King Airs with composite five-blade propellers, which it makes in concert with Hartzell Propeller. The props are quieter than standard props, have "unlimited life" and provide improved thrust, says Thomas.

The company also makes King Air wing lockers, which provide significant additional storage, and ride-improving aft body strakes, which make for a more comfortable ride, Thomas says.

Another option, a ram air recovery system, improves efficiency of airflow to the engine, he adds.

Thomas has worked for Raisbeck for nearly two years, having previously held sales and marketing roles at Quest Aircraft.

Raisbeck's system are on about 25% of the roughly 7,000-strong world King Air fleet, meaning significant expansion opportunities exists, says Rick Nagel, managing partner of Raisbeck's private equity owner, Acorn Growth Companies.

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Source: Flight Daily News