Italian FBO operator SEA Prime is counting down to the opening of its new business and general aviation terminal at Milan Malpensa airport in July, which will coincide with the three-month closure of nearby Milan Linate for refurbishment works.

SEA Prime says the new 1,400sq m (15,070sq ft) terminal resembles a "gem" as a result of its polyhedral shape. It features five lounges, offers a range of "ultra-luxury" services and has its own apron and hangar.

When Linate reopens in October, SEA Prime will operate two FBOs in Milan, but it believes they will serve two markets and there is plenty of room for both.

"Malpensa Prime completes the accessibility for business and general aviation passengers and operators not only to the city of Milan, but also to Lombardy, to several areas of Piedmont, to the south of Switzerland and numerous other locations that can be reached from Malpensa," says SEA Prime chief executive Chiara Dorigotti. "In our vision, Malpensa Prime is a complementary service to the one offered by Milano Prime in Linate."

There is a "big synergy" between Linate and Malpensa, with intercontinental business-class passengers arriving at the latter and seeking to "hop on to business jets" for their onward journeys.

Dorigotti says the "iconic" shape of the new terminal reflects the operator's goal for it to be seen as "the gem of business aviation". Passengers who are pressed for time will be able to arrive at their aircraft within 3min of reaching the terminal building, she adds, which is "very important for service".

The temporary closure of Linate provides an opportunity for SEA Prime to "showcase" its latest FBO "because everybody will have to fly to the new terminal". The upcoming Italian Grand Prix at Monza and Milan Fashion Week in September will bring high-profile passengers through the new facility.

SEA Prime closed 2018 with about 26,000 aircraft movements, €11.4 million ($12.7 million) in revenue and a €2.5 million net profit, representing a 7.8% year-on-year increase over 2017.

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Source: Flight Daily News