Textron Aviation is marking the production of its 400th Citation Latitude at EBACE with Lannie O’Bannion, senior vice-president global sales and flight operations, celebrating the milestone at the show.

O’Bannion describes the aircraft, which entered service in 2015, as the “clear midsize leader”.

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Lattitude is “clear midsize leader” says O’Bannion

Textron, which has the biggest exhibit on the static display, is also celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Beechcraft King Air, of which 7,700 examples of the versatile turboprop remain in operation in the commercial and special mission market, according to O’Bannion.

Meanwhile, Textron says its Latitude and Longitude will be outfitted with the latest version of Garmin 5000 avionics suite from 2025 and 2026, respectively.

“Citation jets offer customers performance, productivity and profitability that opens a new world of possibility in aviation and their business,” says O’Bannion.

“These enhancements demonstrate our commitment to continuously invest in our legendary products in order to design and deliver the best aviation experience for our customers.”

The improvements will add synthetic vision guidance system (SVGS) on the primary flight displays, that couples with synthetic vision technology (SVT) to support approach minima as low as 150ft.

“SVGS provides a continuous, geo-spatially correct depiction of the external scene topography, including obstacles, augmented by the display of the runway,” Textron says.

The SVT enhancements include a 3D view of the airport environment for heightened situational awareness while taxiing, Textron adds.

“SVT also displays 3D building footprints including hangars, terminals and towers, taxiways, aprons, signs and other markings to help reduce runway incursions by providing guidance while taxiing at airports contained in the SafeTaxi database,” the company adds.

In addition, topographical elements including water and terrain boundaries, and obstacle and powerlines will be in sharper view.