Good week

Thompson 787
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Boeing The US airframer has at last landed a launch customer for its 787 GoldCare power-by-the-hour life-cycle management service, with TUI Travel signing a deal covering its 13 Dreamliners. The contract is for 12 years from the delivery of each aircraft, which will be operated by Thomson Airways, Tuifly Nordic, Jetairfly and Arkefly.GoldCare includes a worldwide team providing engineering and maintenance services at a price based on flight hours.


Bad week

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Financing After two years of record levels of export credit financing for airliners following the global banking crisis, US lessor AirCastle has warned that political pressure could lead to a decline as soon as 2011. The US lessor's chief executive Ron Wainshal says that export credit agencies and the US Ex-Im bank "will finance a similar proportion of aircraft this year compared with last year, but they are under a lot of political pressure to back off".



Source: Flight International