Good week

Pet Airways
 © Pet Airways
PET AIRWAYS The privately held US pet transport specialist is funded for expansion after becoming a subsidiary of publicly traded American Antiquities in an all-shares deal. Pet Airways chairman Dan Wiesel, who is now American Antiquities chief executive, says: "We expect to add five cities to our routes in the near term, with the longer-term objective of locating a Pet Airways lounge within a 2h driving radius of the majority of the US pet population."


Bad week

Wind Jet
 © Francesco Mucio
WIND JET International Lease Finance issued default notices to the Italian low-cost carrier for failure to pay rent on nine aircraft. Wind Jet, which operates a network of European services primarily from Forli and Catania, uses a fleet of Airbus A319 and A320 twinjets. The carrier in spring had been looking to establish a second base in the north of Italy to expand its fledgling VIP offshoot Platinum Line, which operates two Piaggio P180 Avanti IIs.



Source: Flight International