Good week

Lynn Tilton
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LYNN TILTON The private equity baron behind MD Helicopters was crowned "Aviation Entrepreneur of the Year" at the Living Legends of Aviation Awards ceremony in Beverly Hills. The Bronx-born self-appointed champion of US manufacturing and writer of the Dust to Diamonds blog says her "dedication to the achievement of excellence" goes back to her teenage years when she practised tennis from midnight to two in the morning, "when court time was free".



Bad week

Boris Johnson
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BORIS JOHNSON The mayor of London (left) may have stepped on a banana skin by renewing calls for a new hub airport. Whatever the merits or otherwise of more runway capacity for the capital, it is hard to imagine the government making a U-turn on one of its most popular election promises, the axing of plans to expand Heathrow or Stansted. Johnson's other suggestion - building a man-made island in the Thames Estuary - has already been shot down.



Source: Flight International